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  Model May Predict Final Menstrual Period  
  A new model using levels of two hormones may help predict when perimenopausal women will have their final period, researchers reported.  
  AAN: Surgical Menopause Tied to Brain Deficits  
  SAN DIEGO -- Women who had surgically induced menopause at an early age saw a decline in cognitive function and possible signs of Alzheimer's disease pathology, researchers reported here.  
  Specialists Agree HRT Best for Menopause Symptoms  
  Hormone replacement therapy is the most effective available treatment for menopause symptoms, according to a consensus statement issued by seven major professional societies.  
  Data Misleading for HRT, Breast Cancer Link  
  The evidence as to whether hormone replacement therapy plays a causal role in breast cancer is insufficient to support that hypothesis, and there are major flaws in studies analyzing the data, researchers stated.  
  Clinical Notes: Furor Over No-CPR Policy  
  An elderly California woman's death prompted harsh criticism of her independent living facility's policy forbidding staff to perform CPR on residents. Also this week: riociguat clears another hurdle.  
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